A surprising thing that I learned during a summer in Pakistan

IMG_2906I never read any Enid Blyton as a child. She was despised by my school teachers and as I had an great collection of hand-me-down William books from my older cousins and a fantastic children’s library 10 minutes’ walk away on Wandsworth’s West Hill, I never ran out of books to read.

However, the first time we went to Pakistan for the summer, that awful thing happened to the youngest member of our family. We spent the hot afternoons at home and, after a couple of weeks, he ran out of books to read. This was when I discovered Enid Blyton. Our local market bookshop had very few children’s books apart from a fantastic selection of The Famous Five Adventures. The paperback covers looked familiar, the pages were a thin pinkish colour and over the following weeks  we shamelessly bought the complete set of 21 adventures in pirated editions.  And what I learned was that, with the peculiar social milieu, the old fashioned attitudes and the formulaic plots, the adventures of the four children and a dog were just as popular in Pakistan as they are in the UK.

The books we are selling in Oxfam Wilmslow, are the real thing: 1950s editions, Eileen Soper illustrations and wonderful endpapers with drama and colour.

The kind donor of these books is impressively knowledgeable about children’s writing and illustrators. Her favourite of this batch, she told me, is ‘Five get into Trouble’, on account of the Black Bentley. If you read it, you’ll see what she means.

These books are on sale at Oxfam Wilmslow for £1.99 each.

About bookvolunteer

I'm passionate about books, about Oxfam and about making the world a better place. When I'm not filling the shelves in Oxfam Wilmslow, I might be found reading the books I've bought in the beautiful surroundings of North Pembrokeshire.
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1 Response to A surprising thing that I learned during a summer in Pakistan

  1. Good thing I stumbled upon your post, gotta get a new book to read for Summer. Cheers!

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