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What does Rolls Royce mean to you?

I hadn’t given this question much thought until we had the Wilmslow motor show here last summer. It was a successful event: a sunny day, thousands of people, pubs, bars and cafes full and, of course, some great motoring attractions. … Continue reading

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Is there any hope for the North?

According to this wonderful book (engagingly written, properly researched and extensively illustrated) “Manchester has always been at the cutting edge of dramatic change – technological, social, political and economic.” So, I’m wondering what dramatic change we have coming our way … Continue reading

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The sad life of a would-be tourist guide in Wilmslow

People do come and visit Wilmslow. Generally speaking they are either visiting family and friends or else they have come for the charity shops – which are many, varied and full of lovely stuff. And when they have done what … Continue reading

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Would you apply for a job with these conditions of service?

Every person employed by the Company must devote himself exclusively to their service. He must reside at whatever place be appointed, attend at such hours as may be required, pay prompt obedience to all persons placed in authority over him, … Continue reading

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What on earth is ‘Dry Northern Wit’?

Today’s book is supposed to have it, according to The Independent, whose complimentary review is quoted on the cover of this Manchester Compendium. I live in the North; I have lived in the South, so I should be able to … Continue reading

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People we met at the Manchester Exhibition

Judging from the dates on the drawings, this thin book must be a souvenir of The Royal Jubilee Exhibition of 1887  held in Old Trafford to celebrate Queen Victoria’s Golden Jubilee. It was opened by Alexandra and Edward, the Prince and Princess of Wales, … Continue reading

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How did Manchester change during Mrs Thatcher’s lifetime?

This handbook celebrates Manchester in 1926. The photographs show buildings that I recognise but Manchester’s manufacturing, its trade, its optimism and its massive civic pride are not so obvious today. In the mid 1920s the Port of Manchester was buying … Continue reading

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Book Collecting is more than a Pastime, it’s a Disease

Edmund and Ruth Frow, authors of this brilliant little pamphlet, were infected by the book collecting bug and spent a lifetime building an archive of works on the history of labour: an archive that forms the core of the ‘Working … Continue reading

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Has life improved for Arctic Foxes?

Back in the days when you draped an Arctic Fox around your shoulders for an evening out and travelled to town in a Ford Consul De-Luxe, The Opera House Manchester had a host of stars to entertain you. If you … Continue reading

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Man City or Man Utd?

If you live in this part of the world you’re likely to know which of these two teams you support. Even if you’re not an avid sports fan, you’re unlikely to be comfortable on the fence. L S Lowry, popular … Continue reading

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