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Are you a trig-point logger?

I’m not a trig-point logger, but when I’ve climbed to the highest point of the Preseli mountains at Rosebush or walked to the tip of Dinas Head it is immensely satisfying to find a triangulation station to confirm that you’ve … Continue reading

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Book Collecting is more than a Pastime, it’s a Disease

Edmund and Ruth Frow, authors of this brilliant little pamphlet, were infected by the book collecting bug and spent a lifetime building an archive of works on the history of labour: an archive that forms the core of the ‘Working … Continue reading

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Corvus: A Life with Birds by Esther Woolfson

‘The story of an accidental pet that came into a human life and turned it upside down … richly observed and finely written’, said the Guardian. This memoir of a life with birds,  Chicken-the-rook and Spike-the-Magpie in particular, tells the reader a lot about the extraordinary author, … Continue reading

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The Strange Case of Victor Grayson by Reg Groves

These extraordinary events took place before the days of Private Eye or serious investigative journalism and no one knows the full truth of what happened. This biography (passionately partial I suspect) of the charismatic MP for Colne Valley was published by Pluto … Continue reading

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Fantastic Donation of Folio Society Books

We have a great selection of Folio Society books. Finely printed , lovely paper, beautiful illustrations, a joy to read. In addition to the volumes in the photographs we also have a multi-volume edition of Churchill’s Second World War, Tom … Continue reading

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Well Remembered Friends – Eulogies on celebrated lives collected by Angela Huth

I know that John Murray is no longer an independent publishing house, but I still look out for John Murray books and can’t resist an extra glance with the expectation that they will probably appeal to me. This book did. At Oxfam … Continue reading

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Tales of a Rat-Hunting Man by D. Brian Plummer

Brian Plummer is self-consciously and proudly eccentric and his passion is hunting rats with ferrets or terriers. There’s a lot in this book about killing rodents but along the way we learn a great deal about rats and I learnt enough about the … Continue reading

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Bloomsbury Portraits by Richard Shone

This book has reminded  me of the pang of regret I felt when I realised that I had missed the Omega Workshops exhibition at the Courtauld Galleries in September 2009. How could I have overlooked it? This is a splendid book, written … Continue reading

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Thomas Cranmer by Diarmaid MacCulloch

This 600 page biography has collected several literary prizes and a complete set of ecstatic reviews  from the literary press; the London Review of Books commends the author for  getting “as  much under his subject’s skin as it is possible for a biographer … Continue reading

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Olivia Manning – A Life by Neville and June Braybrooke

There are lots of reasons why charity shop book- buying is such a pleasure and delight, and this is one of them. ‘Olivia Manning, a Life’ by Neville and June Braybrooke, got unenthusiastic reviews when it was published in 2004, … Continue reading

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