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Isn’t there something delightful about a Pax Ting?

This thin little book does a good PR job for the Guides. I was astonished and impressed to see that the first Girl Guide World camp was held in Hungary in July/August 1939. With the imminent threat of war there … Continue reading

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What were you doing in 1982?

We have a bundle of local Wilmslow newspapers from the early 1980s. ¬†Many issues are recognisable – the traffic, the management of Lindow Common, local schools. It’s good to see the houses on sale at sensible prices. Animal Rights Activists … Continue reading

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Are there some books you must read before you can consider yourself educated?

I’ll leave that question for syllabus writers to consider but this book could be a contender. If you haven’t read Gulliver’s Travels yet because you know the story from childhood and you suspect that it’s more polemic than pleasure, we … Continue reading

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I hate sexist stereotyping – but here goes…

Today I’ve chosen another book published by a museum. I have a fondness for museum publishing because the books are accessible to the general reader, the quality of reproduction is fabulous and although they are expensive in museum shops they … Continue reading

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Marmite History – You’ll love it or hate it

Andrew Roberts (or whoever writes the text for his own web-site) loves it. Here is an extract taken directly from:¬† “Andrew Roberts brilliantly reveals what made the English-speaking people the preeminent political culture since 1900, and how they have defended … Continue reading

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What on earth is ‘Dry Northern Wit’?

Today’s book is supposed to have it, according to The Independent, whose complimentary review is quoted on the cover of this Manchester Compendium. I live in the North; I have lived in the South, so I should be able to … Continue reading

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Book Collecting is more than a Pastime, it’s a Disease

Edmund and Ruth Frow, authors of this brilliant little pamphlet, were infected by the book collecting bug and spent a lifetime building an archive of works on the history of labour: an archive that forms the core of the ‘Working … Continue reading

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