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The End. What I have learned from writing 400 posts on this blog.

My intention in starting to write this blog was to let readers know that Oxfam Wilmslow (or perhaps Oxfam in general) was interested in books. We weren’t interested only in the revenue from sales, but enjoyed researching them, loved reading … Continue reading

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Uncorrected Advance Proofs

Spot the difference. We have the book on the left – an uncorrected advance proof which was eventually published in the format shown on the right. Maybe Wilmslow has a high number of reviewers and book sellers or other literary … Continue reading

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Pitman’s Business Typewriting by Frederick Heelis

We have just had reports of the last UK typewriter to be manufactured at the Wrexham plant, so here is a manual to go with it. Nostalgia…. or is there a trend back to the old machines? Pitman’s Business Typewriting by Frederick … Continue reading

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It’s all in a Word by Vivian Cook

This book celebrates the sheer joy of words. If you teach English, have learnt a foreign language, love the spoken word, are interested in crosswords and word games, are bi-lingual or simply fascinated by how we communicate, this book is for … Continue reading

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Bradford’s Crossword Solver’s Dictionary

If you’re looking for a little help with crossword solving, this dictionary is A1, awesome, bodacious, champion, doozy, exo, first rate, great, hunky-dory, jim-dandy, lalapalooza, mean, neat, outtop, phat, quality, ripping, stonking, triff, virtue, wicked and a whole lot more. Anne Bradford … Continue reading

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Oxford Dictionary of English Etymology

This dictionary offers hours of browsing-pleasure to word obsessives. It appears to be brand new and so, with a RRP of £60, it could be a bargain to celebrate. The Oxford Dictionary of English Etymology is on sale at Oxfam … Continue reading

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We’ve got a lot of books from and about Korea

We have a lot of wonderful books about Korea. If you are interested in Korean history, culture, literature, music, society or politics come and look at our collection. Unusually, because, this is such a specialist collection and we can’t count on local … Continue reading

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Olivia Manning – A Life by Neville and June Braybrooke

There are lots of reasons why charity shop book- buying is such a pleasure and delight, and this is one of them. ‘Olivia Manning, a Life’ by Neville and June Braybrooke, got unenthusiastic reviews when it was published in 2004, … Continue reading

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Fanfrolico Press 1927

This slim hardback advertises the work of two ambitious young men who were attempting to make a living from fine publishing in the 1920s. Jack Lindsley, founder of the Fanfrolico Press, was an Australian who arrived in London in 1926 and relaunched the publishing … Continue reading

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18th Century Pamphlets

We have a real treasure here; three 18th Century pamphlets that have been professionally bound and are in fantastic condition. The binding, which has preserved them so well, is also a problem as the three pamphlets have no obvious connection … Continue reading

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