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Vogue’s Contemporary Cookery (Receipts from Vogue 1945-1947) by Doris Lytton Toye

Doris Lytton (Toye) , whose portraits can be seen in the National Portrait Gallery, was an  actress reluctantly ‘making do’. Here are her recipes (or receipts as she calls them) , published in 1947, documenting the postwar period of rationing … Continue reading

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Cathedrals of Great Britain (Reddings Tea Cards)

Does anyone know anything about the Reddings Tea Co. of White Hart Lane, London N17? They produced some tea cards in the 1950s or 1960s, and I suppose they must have produced some tea. But I can find no mention … Continue reading

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Brooke Bond Tea Cards (and some Players’ cigarette cards) in albums

Remember collecting tea cards? Brooke Bond started putting cards in their tea  to encourage brand loyalty in the 1950s and continued until relatively recently. The first series were written and illustrated by eminent naturalists such as Frances Pitt, Charles Tunnicliffe … Continue reading

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Pitman’s Business Typewriting by Frederick Heelis

We have just had reports of the last UK typewriter to be manufactured at the Wrexham plant, so here is a manual to go with it. Nostalgia…. or is there a trend back to the old machines? Pitman’s Business Typewriting by Frederick … Continue reading

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Golden Days Awheel by Albert Winstanley

Albert Winstanley, a local man from Lancashire, died earlier this year and the best I can do is to quote from his obituary by Tim Dawson, which was published in The Guardian on 23rd April 2012. Albert Winstanley, who has … Continue reading

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The Dictionary of Urbanism by Robert Cowan

This is an amazingly interesting book: my favourite, possibly, of all the thousands of books that I have looked at  in the Oxfam sorting room this year. Open it and you’ll be meandering pleasurably in its pages for hours.  According to Professor Michael … Continue reading

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A (1930s)Doll’s House Project

This is a grand residence with a pedigree. It’s not in good condition but it’s got masses of potential. A doll’s house enthusiast or a doting grandparent will have great fun refurbishing this. There might even be time to do it … Continue reading

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Magyar Helysegnev-Azonosito Szotar by Lelkes Gyorgy (Enthusiastic George)

If you are wondering what on earth this book is, so am I. And I have it here in front of me. It was published in 1998 and apart from some shelfwear on the jacket, it looks, feels and smells … Continue reading

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The Bandits of Cisterna by William Pickering with Alan Hart

This book caught my attention because a number of coincidental points of contact between the author’s life and mine. It is signed by Bill Pickering (from Oldham and then Withington) who was an area manager for Oxfam until he retired. … Continue reading

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Bamboo by Christine Recht and Max Wetterwald

There’s a lot more to Bamboo than you might think and this well-researched and illustrated book covers the biology, the cultivation, the history and culture of growing this amazingly versatile plant. If you’re thinking of growing bamboo, this is the … Continue reading

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