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Tattoo World – An Art for Life

If you know nothing about tattooing or if you’ve already committed your body to the art, these 32 profusely illustrated pages will intrigue you. The booklet was published for ‘The first International Review of Tattoo culture‘, held in Genova in 2003. There are articles on the amazing Leu family, … Continue reading

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Underground Overground – A Passenger History of the Tube by Andrew Martin

This beautifully designed book, with its Wombling title Underground, overground, wombling free, The Wombles of Wimbledon Common are we. sells itself so it’s only fair to mention that the Jacket design is by Micheline Mannion, using an illustration by Gerald … Continue reading

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Seeing the World by Dick Davis

Anvil Press is the oldest independent specialist poetry publisher in the UK. Founded in 1968 by Peter Jay, it grew out of a poetry magazine he edited and published as a student. Carcanet followed in 1970 and Bloodaxe in 1978. … Continue reading

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The Channel Islands – An Archaeological Guide by David E Johnston

If your idea of a menhir is the sort that Obelix can deliver, take a look at this very superior type to be found in the Channel Islands. This fascinating book not only gives an overview of the archaeology of … Continue reading

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We’ve got a lot of books from and about Korea

We have a lot of wonderful books about Korea. If you are interested in Korean history, culture, literature, music, society or politics come and look at our collection. Unusually, because, this is such a specialist collection and we can’t count on local … Continue reading

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Peter Hujar : Animals and Nudes

This is a awful book: black and white photos of life stripped bare. So why do I (prudish and squeamish as I am) feel enriched by having been introduced to Peter Hujar‘s work. Maybe he’s reminding us of the natural state of mankind, … Continue reading

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Cathedral Reborn – Coventry 1962

This booklet is a souvenir publication, commemorating the reconstruction and consecration  of Coventry Cathedral. It celebrates the determination, formed when the ancient church was bombed in 1940, to replace it with a cathedral, ‘more splendid than before’. The initial design … Continue reading

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Pedagogical Sketchbook by Paul Klee

For anyone puzzled, as I often am, by squiggles and apparently random lines  in the art of the early 20th century, this book may offer a deciphering key. It’s a bit like a teach yourself short-hand but infinitely more interesting, as it is ideas … Continue reading

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The Art of Robert Bateman with text by Ramsay Derry, published by Madison Press Books, 2006

Oxfam has wrought its magic again. There’s  a life-like painting of a heron on the cover of this book and if I had been in an ordinary book-shop I wouldn’t have bothered to open it, thinking that bird paintings weren’t … Continue reading

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The Singular Cat by Jane Bown

I love Jane Bown’s portraits. She has worked for the Observer since 1949, starting off with a portait of Bertrand Russell and over the years she has accumulated an astonishing portfolio of some of the world’s most famous faces: beautiful … Continue reading

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