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Isn’t there something delightful about a Pax Ting?

This thin little book does a good PR job for the Guides. I was astonished and impressed to see that the first Girl Guide World camp was held in Hungary in July/August 1939. With the imminent threat of war there … Continue reading

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This girl knew how to look after her books

The previous owner of these books must have been a careful little girl. She didn’t read in the bath, leave the book open face down or colour in the pictures with her colouring pencils. She washed her sticky fingers before … Continue reading

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Did you ever finish “A Brief History of Time” by Stephen Hawking?

I’m assuming that you have the book at home, because you’re a bookish sort of person and ‘A Brief History of Time’ was on the UK best sellers lists for years and years. 10 million copies were sold but I have often wondered … Continue reading

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Which books took you from the children’s library to adult reading?

Green Penguins helped me bridge the gap and the first adult books I borrowed from our local Public Library were by Agatha Christie and Dorothy Sayers. Other teenagers have gone for James Herriott and Gervase Phinn or Ian Fleming, Dan … Continue reading

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Are there some books you must read before you can consider yourself educated?

I’ll leave that question for syllabus writers to consider but this book could be a contender. If you haven’t read Gulliver’s Travels yet because you know the story from childhood and you suspect that it’s more polemic than pleasure, we … Continue reading

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Logi Southby: nice name for the ‘Fashion Editress’ at the Daily Mail

The White Dragon, beautifully published in 1934 by the Griffon Press of Soho Sqaure, was written and illustrated by Logi Southby who, after initial training at Art College,  went on to work as a fashion artist and then fashion editor … Continue reading

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Samplers: an insight into girls’ education?

This beautifully produced picture book is the work of two curators of textiles at the Victoria and Albert Museum, London. At the beginning there is a five-page introduction to the museum’s collection giving some insight into developments over the five … Continue reading

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Memoleum: a game for aesthetes and environmental purists

In the 1970s Eduardo Paolozzi designed an elephant to promote Nairn flooring; 300 copies were made in injection moulded plastic and they are now selling at auctions for thousands of pounds. Today’s Oxfam item is another original and delightful toy associated with … Continue reading

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A surprising thing that I learned during a summer in Pakistan

I never read any Enid Blyton as a child. She was despised by my school teachers and as I had an great collection of hand-me-down William books from my older cousins and a fantastic children’s library 10 minutes’ walk away … Continue reading

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What’s a Cherub? If you don’t know, ask a 12 year old.

I’m owning up, right at the beginning, to having read none of Robert Muchamore’s books, myself. However, I have a guest reviewer who celebrates his twelth birthday today. Happy birthday Matthew! Matthew has just started the first book in the … Continue reading

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