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Would you apply for a job with these conditions of service?

Every person employed by the Company must devote himself exclusively to their service. He must reside at whatever place be appointed, attend at such hours as may be required, pay prompt obedience to all persons placed in authority over him, … Continue reading

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How did Manchester change during Mrs Thatcher’s lifetime?

This handbook celebrates Manchester in 1926. The photographs show buildings that I recognise but Manchester’s manufacturing, its trade, its optimism and its massive civic pride are not so obvious today. In the mid 1920s the Port of Manchester was buying … Continue reading

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Is this the Debris from the Wall Street crash?

These documents, each equal in size to at least 20 bank notes and printed with the same fine lines and detailed patterning, are no longer worth the hundreds of francs, pounds, roubles or dollars that are so beautifully inscribed upon … Continue reading

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The Dictionary of Urbanism by Robert Cowan

This is an amazingly interesting book: my favourite, possibly, of all the thousands of books that I have looked at  in the Oxfam sorting room this year. Open it and you’ll be meandering pleasurably in its pages for hours.  According to Professor Michael … Continue reading

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Things my Mother should have told me – The Best of Good Housekeeping 1922-1940

This is an anthology of advice-giving , advertisements, fiction, and articles on health, fashion and food taken from the first 18 years of the UK publication of this magazine. Some of the titles are intriguing : ‘Reflections on the Thorny Path which … Continue reading

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Altrincham – An Illustrated History by Pat Southern

This profusely illustrated history is by a professional historian, librarian and author, who is writing about her own home town – and it shows. This is a great read. There are hundreds of fascinating photographs and the text is engagingly written, ranging … Continue reading

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We’ve got a lot of books from and about Korea

We have a lot of wonderful books about Korea. If you are interested in Korean history, culture, literature, music, society or politics come and look at our collection. Unusually, because, this is such a specialist collection and we can’t count on local … Continue reading

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