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Does anyone else like my favourite books?

It’s no good being a book volunteer if the books you get excited about are of no interest to anyone else. And when sales are slow my self confidence dips and I wonder if I’m doing it all wrong – … Continue reading

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A Double Osprey, A Sunrise of Owl and A Stud Cockerel Hunted in a Desert by Leonard Baskin

This is the second time I am posting about these pictures and if you suspect I’m getting obsessional about them, you may be right. This is one of four wonderful prints by Leonard Baskin currently on sale at Oxfam Wilmslow … Continue reading

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Very big, very old, family Bible.

This large, heavy book, dating probably from the late 18th century, offers not only the New and Old Testaments and the Apocrypha but also a map of the Gardens and Land of Eden, with a geographical placing of Paradise on … Continue reading

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Do you read Ted Hughes for the poems or the pictures?

If, like me, you love the pictures, you’re in for a treat! We have four large prints of Leonard Baskin’s birds. They appear to be from the Scolar Press edition of Ted Hughes’ Cave Birds, accompanying the poems ‘The Gate … Continue reading

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Gray’s Elegy Written in a County Churchyard

This very pretty edition of Gray’s Elegy Written in Country Churchyard is on sale at Oxfam Wilmslow for £3.99.

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The Light Fantastic, A Short Programme of Dances published by the Medici Society

There is a tenuous connection with my last post insofar as Claude Lovat Fraser, the artist responsible for the teeny weeny illustrations in this book (how much was he paid, I wonder), survived a gas attack during the First World War, but having failed to use … Continue reading

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The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam illustrated by Edmund Dulac. Published by Hodder and Stoughton 1909

This 1909 big sumptuous edition has cream and gold covers and gorgeous illustrations by Edmund Dulac. This was his third major work for Hodder and Stoughton; a relationship that led to his recognition as one of the foremost illustrators of his … Continue reading

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Seeing the World by Dick Davis

Anvil Press is the oldest independent specialist poetry publisher in the UK. Founded in 1968 by Peter Jay, it grew out of a poetry magazine he edited and published as a student. Carcanet followed in 1970 and Bloodaxe in 1978. … Continue reading

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We’ve got a lot of books from and about Korea

We have a lot of wonderful books about Korea. If you are interested in Korean history, culture, literature, music, society or politics come and look at our collection. Unusually, because, this is such a specialist collection and we can’t count on local … Continue reading

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The Lullaby Book by Leslie Daiken

The Lullaby Book by Leslie Daiken reads like it was cobbled together from materials the author had originally used elsewhere (PhD thesis? Radio programme?). But don’t let that put you off. It’s a slim volume and the man’s an expert. It’s a … Continue reading

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