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Plats du Jour by Patience Gray and Primrose Boyd

I hadn’t come across this cookery book before, but now that I have read the glowing Amazon reviews, I’m tempted to delve deeper. No, the reason I picked it out of the Oxfam sorting room to feature here is that it is published … Continue reading

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Vogue’s Contemporary Cookery (Receipts from Vogue 1945-1947) by Doris Lytton Toye

Doris Lytton (Toye) , whose portraits can be seen in the National Portrait Gallery, was an  actress reluctantly ‘making do’. Here are her recipes (or receipts as she calls them) , published in 1947, documenting the postwar period of rationing … Continue reading

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Cathedrals of Great Britain (Reddings Tea Cards)

Does anyone know anything about the Reddings Tea Co. of White Hart Lane, London N17? They produced some tea cards in the 1950s or 1960s, and I suppose they must have produced some tea. But I can find no mention … Continue reading

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Bamboo by Christine Recht and Max Wetterwald

There’s a lot more to Bamboo than you might think and this well-researched and illustrated book covers the biology, the cultivation, the history and culture of growing this amazingly versatile plant. If you’re thinking of growing bamboo, this is the … Continue reading

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Water in a Small Garden by John Carter, published by RHS

This book promises ‘simple steps to success’ and, from my experience, it’s definitely worth having a go. We sited our little pond  by the vegetable patch so that we could attract frogs and toads to eliminate the slugs and snails … Continue reading

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Things my Mother should have told me – The Best of Good Housekeeping 1922-1940

This is an anthology of advice-giving , advertisements, fiction, and articles on health, fashion and food taken from the first 18 years of the UK publication of this magazine. Some of the titles are intriguing : ‘Reflections on the Thorny Path which … Continue reading

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A Passion for Vegetables by Paul Gayler

I had never heard of Paul Gaylor: evidence, you might say, that I am totally out of touch with what’s going on in the world! However, as soon as I started looking at these recipes I realised that I had chanced on … Continue reading

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